Alianza Nacional Rios y Cuencas De Costa Rica - A new partnership!

We're very happy to announce that we've formed a partnership of what we think is going to be a great player in spreading awareness of the pollution that's happening to our ocean. We've teamed up with the Costa Rican organization Alianza Nacional Rios y Cuencas!

South America has a huge plastic pollution issue. Mexico is one of the largest countries in the world, which also reflects the scale they spread plastic. This highly affects South America, and plastic flows through their rivers. BUT, they're actively fighting against this, and there are people trying to stop it.

Alianza Nacional Rios y Cuencas de Costa Rica


One organization to do such a thing is Alianza Nacional Rios y Cuencas. Their philosophy is to stop pollution of rivers, lakes and ultimately - the ocean!  It's all about taking care of the beautiful world we inhabit, and to keep the natural ecosystem as untouched as possible. If we don't take action now, it will be too late. BILDE AV LOGO


They wish to spread awareness and does this through a communitive approach. To spread awareness, they actively talk at schools and gathers children to make them aware. This obviously massively appeal to SEA INVADERS, who are also aware that the mightiest channel to go through is children. We love what they're doing in Costa Rica, and their concept is nothing but goodness. It is very satisfying to finally host their name on our websites PARTNERS section.


Sea Invaders <3 Costa Rica

By Nightstallion, via Wikimedia Commons

Our approach to getting in touch with Alianza Nacional was too straight up call them and talk about our concept. They have many collaborators and partners in Costa Rica, both with like-minded organizations and most importantly - THE CHILDREN! What we hope to achieve from this is to travel to Costa Rica and arrange SEA INVADERS ART WORKSHOPS. By using our newly formed partnership, we can have the workshops promoted before we even get there. 


Stay tuned, SEA INVADERS is going global. We want to talk to children and grown ups alike, all over the world, with the same ideas as us. We want to spread awareness of ocean plastic pollution! We want to do it by using



‍By Sgt. Samuel R. Beyers [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



Main image by: Rica Playa Tamarindo and Grande 2007

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